Scary Teacher 3d Game Online

School is a great place for children. But they rarely understand it specifically in school years. The child is often oppressed by learning process and pressure from teachers. Especially when it’s your school that’s famous for being the meanest and meanest tutor. She bullies students every day, making them tremble in class.

She does not just shout and offend children, she often resorts to violent methods of upbringing. Therefore, there is no other way but to learn how to act by her methods. After one of these actions, the girl decides to stand up to the schoolteacher. In this way we can forever restrain her constant efforts to mock students. Miss T will be defeated. Scary teacher 3d game will facilitate this.

Scary Teacher 3D is a cool free online game where a teenage girl has taken side of evil and is trying to prove to scary lady that she’s better at it. The most interesting thing is that it’s 3D graphics so if feeling of fear coming to light doesn’t scare you immediately start your first level.

What Should We Do?

You’re thrown in the front of a teacher`s home at the beginning of story. If you don’t know what to do right away, take your time. This house is a big puzzle to solve. So you start wandering through its fifteen big rooms. Each of them reveals something new to the girl she can use against Miss T. She must not be seen by victim.

If girl is caught, episode has to start again. It’s a simple, interesting plot based on harming one of the heroes. You find the ways to harass an ugly aunt. And the more opportunities you find, the more you move forward.

Play Scary Teacher and set up the worst traps for Miss T throughout all levels. Set fire to everything you see, add something tasteless to her food, pour some oil on the floor, release her puppies etr. It is good to play in the dark. In this real scary game it is also important not to waste time and to do everything quickly.

Add tons of chili to teacher in pizza, set fire to important papers, put a needle on sofa, and also set traps. This quest is quite complex, as it is divided into episodes and all actions take place in an interactive house, full of mystery. It will be difficult, but fascinating.

Useful Tips

Play on your computer and use the girl as much as you can. To spoil her well, you need to find all tools and opportunities, which means we could use some logic. In the first mission, it’s easy, because they show us where to go with footprints. The rest is up to you.

The first task is simplest. This is a math trap. After class, she reads newspapers at her desk. According to one of newspapers you need to put a mousetrap. It is done. Every level ends with you watching your success and enemy’s failure. The task is more and more difficult.

Scary Teacher 3d apk you can download on the site as an application or move this horror game to your computer. All you need for installing is packed up to apk file. Simply install the folder and cache will be unpacked automatically. You can then select original or mod type at the first time. After that it is ready for launch.

From the screen, you can open the character’s backpack interface, use items from Quick Access Panel, or activate a certain item by clicking on it with your finger. So installation process is not complicated.

Avenge all this extra homework and spoiled Miss T’s life by playing on PC and Mac. Try to pass throughout all episodes of this fascinating journey!